Welcome to Thanh Binh Restaurant – Vietnamese delicacies.

Thanh Binh restaurant is counted among one of the fine dining restaurants in Sydney. A visit to this restaurant will take you to a culinary adventure in Viet Nam. The ambience is as good as you can get to that of the famous food, art, culture and the classical music of Viet Nam in Sydney.

A very contemporary but intimate dining experience and a menu that reaches the subcontinent, from our famous rice paper rolls to green papaya salad or duck salad, Thanh Binh restaurant is one of the best restaurant in Sydney Australia, true to its name, is a house of authentic and innovative curries that are served up with awesome views across Viet Nam. The restaurant is positioned in a good location to cover yourself with one of the best views of the city around you while enjoying the palatable food prepared by one of the most experienced chefs in fine dining.

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