What is traditional food in Vietnam?
Pho is traditional food as it is beef noodle soup loaded with bean sprouts. Even in Vietnamese restaurants in other countries, it is a big specialty. Banh mi is another traditional Vietnamese food as it is composed of baguettes, meat, and lots of vegetables. Bun cha is definitely my favourite though as it has fresh vegetables, bbq pork, and noodles that you can combine for the best taste possible. To end the meal, you would always need to save room for dessert. There is Che, a traditional dessert that is loaded with fruit tapioca, grass jelly and coconut cream in one bowl.

Why is Vietnamese food popular?
The first reason is that it is healthy. It is not enough to eat Vietnamese food and expect to lose weight though. You would need to exercise regularly in order for that to happen. Multicultural influence is another reason why Vietnamese food is so popular. There is no doubt that it got some of the food from other cuisines. For example, you know it got some Chinese influence on the beef noodle soup.

What does a typical Vietnamese meal compose of?
It consists of steamed rice, vegetables, a portion of meat, and soup. There are times when soda is included but Vietnamese people don’t really like that so water would be fine. The meal is usually eaten using chopsticks. There are some people who would still be hungry after eating this simple meal though. The reason for that is because they move around all the time. In Vietnam, you will observe everyone is active so you won’t see much people lying around the house doing nothing.

What is unique about Vietnamese culture?
One famous thing about Vietnam is that there are a lot of street vendors selling unique products. One thing you can do is to haggle the price so you can buy the products for a lower price. The initial price is not always the final one and you can get a better deal. There will be a lot of motorbikes around the streets of Vietnam too. Vietnamese people like riding motorbikes since it gets them to their destination pretty quick. Therefore, it would be better to stay alert so that you won’t get run over by a motorbike. Another thing about Vietnamese culture is that they actually believe that ghosts exist. No matter which local you talk to, these people

What are the values of Vietnam food culture?
They give great importance to the value of ingredients. As much as possible, they would want fresh ingredients. It is possible a Vietnamese restaurant would have several taste tests before having actual customers. They would want to offer the best possible food before opening to the public. You can’t blame them for doing that as they would want their food to be great. They are expected to include sweet, sour, and spicy flavours. Besides, all customers have different preferences when it comes to the taste of the food.